UNSTOPPABLE Campaigns for Teens


Unstoppable is a positive empowerment campaign that has been created by BN Parents to support your student’s efforts to remain substance-free and assist them in reaching their full potential. It is designed to be delivered to students in Bloomington-Normal from junior high through college.

It involves a holistic approach to wellness that combines social norms marketing and wellness planning as it relates to developing skills helpful in avoiding underage alcohol and other substance use and draws on adolescent developmental research with a focus on brain development. Coming from this perspective allows for the creation of messaging along with an action plan that addresses both the behaviors that put a person at risk and those that enhance success. This strengths-based approach is particularly important during the teen years because research suggests adolescents understand risk. They simply value reward more.

Students are first introduced to the messaging in junior high with the Becoming Unstoppable campaign. Moving into high school, students are presented with the second series of messaging, Always Unstoppable. For those that stay in our community to go to college, the third phase of messaging, Supporting Unstoppable, is delivered to college-age students and the community.

We hope your student is positively impacted by the messaging and feels supported. Please visit www.AlwaysUnstoppable.org for further details and link to social media.