UNSTOPPABLE Campaign for Teens

If you have a high school student, we hope they have seen Unstoppable materials in the halls of their school, through social media and throughout the community. Unstoppable is a universal prevention program that has been created by BN Parents to support your student’s efforts to remain substance free and assist them in reaching their full potential both in high school and beyond.

Unstoppable is a positive empowerment campaign designed to get at the underlying causes that lead to poor decision making like alcohol and other drug use. It will be rolled out in stages. The goal of the first stage is to deliver messaging that all students can relate to and lay the foundation for empowerment. Focus group tested identifying statements will be displayed asking the question, What is your Super Power? The intention is to get students thinking about their strengths and appreciating what makes them unique. This is important because strength can sometimes masquerade as weakness and recognizing character traits as positive is sometimes a matter of perspective. What can appear to some as weakness can often be helpful in the correct setting.

The featured Super Powers range from Loyal Friend and Happy Camper to Sarcastic and Nerd. Given this, if your child comes home proud to be “Sarcastic” or a “Nerd” please support and encourage them to explore all of the ways it is a strength.

A tagline of: Be Unstoppable will be displayed on all materials.  The following concept will be reinforced through messaging: Unstoppable doesn’t happen overnight or without work. It happens as a result of decisions you make every minute, every day. And, it doesn’t mean “Perfect”. It means, “I will try again.” There are some things we know that help make you UNSTOPPABLE and some things that can get in the way. When you couple what works with your unique strengths, i.e. Super Power, you can be UNSTOPPABLE.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact this messaging can have on your student. Please visit www.AlwaysUnstoppable.org for further details and link to social media.