Prom Planning

Prom excitement is in the air! The hair, the clothes, the flowers… so many things to think about as you make arrangements for the big night. As you prepare your teen, BN Parents would like to help you guide them around risky situations that involve alcohol and other drugs. As you are checking things off the list, please add the below to keep them safe:

___        Get a complete itinerary, including who your teen will be partying with. If they do not plan to attend a school-sponsored After-Prom party, speak directly with the parent supervising the party they will be attending to ensure no alcohol or marijuana will be present.

___        Fill out a Prom Night Agreement and talk specifically about how he/she can handle difficult situations such as being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver or being offered alcohol or drugs. Be sure to provide parental instruction on how to best deal with problems as they arise and have a backup plan. We often suggest having a “code word” of sorts and making plans to pick them up if needed.

___        Insist there be no changes made to the itinerary without your prior approval, and make that a firm rule with no exceptions allowed.

___        Know who is driving. If your teen is riding in a limo, check the company’s policy on allowing alcohol or marijuana in the vehicle.

___        Be awake when your prom-goer returns home.

And, it wouldn’t hurt to remind them:

___        Of the Zero Tolerance Law – it is illegal for anyone under 21 to drive with any detectable alcohol or marijuana in their bloodstream.

___        Bad decisions at key moments like prom and graduation can influence the future. Arrests or convictions can affect the college application process or a job interview.

___        It is not just driving that you are concerned about. Teens who are drunk or high are more prone to get into fights, be either the victims or the perpetrators of sexual assaults, or get into other accidents that do not necessarily involve a car.

___        * Most importantly, remind them you love them, trust in their ability to make good decisions and you are there to partner with them to keep them safe!