Natural Disasters Teach Us Prevention Works

In light of the recent natural disasters, I know we have all thought a little more about safety. As the mom of two teens, I thought of them first when the tornadoes hit Central Illinois on November 17th. Are they where they need to be? Do we have the supplies we need in the basement? Would they know what to do in my absence?

Since that day, when it is said between 14 and 24 tornadoes touched down in Central Illinois, I have been relieved to see that prevention works! The City of Washington where it is reported 1,000 homes were destroyed, hundreds completely lifted off their foundation, saw no fatal injuries to children. On the news, they interviewed one family where an 11 year old boy was home alone with his two younger brothers when the storm hit. He took them down to the basement and sat tucked away while the storm took away all 3,000+ square feet of home above him.

This 11 year old knew what to do because his parents and others talked to him. They had a conversation and probably ran through some drills to keep him safe in the event of a tornado.  This same type of conversation and preplanning works to prevent underage drinking.

It is important parents don’t get caught up thinking underage drinking is something too large for them to tackle or live with the assumption it could never happen to their kid. The probability a teen will encounter underage drinking is much higher than the risk of being in the direct line of a tornado and potentially just as dangerous.

BN Parents has some great resources for parents to start the conversation and put prevention in place. Check out for ideas and resources.