Making a Difference in Our Community

The new report, Making a Difference in Our Community, details concerns regarding the alcohol environment in Bloomington-Normal, programming in place to address the issues, and a call-out to the community for support.  The  take-away message?  Take a look at how you can make a difference and join our team of concerned citizens.

As noted in the report, the consequences can be far reaching, not only for the individuals engaging in high-risk drinking but also for the community. These range from loud noise complaints to property damage. These disturbances are costly to our community and drain law enforcement resources.

A review of the environmental strategies employed by the BNCCC reveals a diverse approach. The most recent efforts involve a communication campaign directed at parents of high school students. The goal of the campaign is to encourage parents to communicate clear guidelines and enforce rules about not using alcohol. This campaign is accompanied by a college/community campaign, 0-0-1-3. The concept behind the 0-0-1-3 campaign is to encourage responsible consumption in order to create a common social norm. Along with these campaigns, other efforts include enforcement based approaches, compliance checks, party patrols and responsible beverage service training that reaches out to liquor license holders.

The report begins by highlighting teamwork and ends with a mention of the community partners that give strength to local efforts. It is hoped the reader will see their role and find ways to make our community safer.