Mailbox Messaging

Parents with students at Normal Community High School, Normal West High School, Bloomington High School, Central Catholic High School, and University High School can expect a letter to arrive in their mailbox soon. All five of the area high schools are partnering with BN Parents for a third year in a row to get information to parents regarding the dangers of underage alcohol use and the steps parents can put in place to help.

What makes this year a little different is the noted applaud for parents taking action to make a difference. When the BN Parents campaign started in 2012, reportedly 52% of parents with high school students had a conversation with their teen regarding the dangers of underage alcohol use in the past year. As of spring 2014, that number is up to 73% and teens are reporting it is helping them in their efforts to avoid underage alcohol use.

When the letter arrives, BN Parents encourages parents to look it over closely and refer to the discussion points when talking to their teens both before they go out for an evening and upon returning home. These conversations are important because you can’t go everywhere with your teen. What you can do is be creative and consistent in how you check in before they go out and when they return home.

If you are a parent , watch your mailbox. If you are not, ask friends that are if they have received a mailbox message supporting efforts to keep their teen safe.