Because I love you… We talk about alcohol

BN Parents has a new messaging series coming out that asks the question, “How do you keep your teen safe?” and carries the tagline, “Because I love you…” The goal of the new messaging is to encourage parents to put protective behaviors in place to reduce risks for their teens. It focuses on what conversations should detail when keeping teens safe, especially where alcohol is concerned.

According to the 2012 Illinois Youth Survey, 52% of high school students report their parents talked to them about not using alcohol in the past year. The group points out this is a great start but we as a community can do better! The goal of the new messaging is to provide language and guidance to expand the conversations and make them more impactful.

These conversations are important because parents can’t go everywhere with their teens.  So, they need to be creative and consistent in how they check in before their teen goes out and when they return. Because each family is unique, it is important each family find language and determine family rules they can feel comfortable with. The messages should start with the understanding: Because we love you, we want to keep you safe. Let them know you trust their ability to make positive decisions. And, emphasize this includes avoiding alcohol and never riding in a car with someone that has been drinking or doing drugs.

Starting this week, look for the new posters at high school events and out in the community. Later in the fall, check your mail. BN Parents plans to partner with the schools to mail a brochure to each high school parent in Bloomington/Normal. The conversation has started. Now, let’s make the most of it to keep the teens of our community safe!