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We are glad you have taken a couple of minutes to see what BN Parents is all about. Welcome to our team of committed parents!

You have probably noticed, the developmental period of adolescence presents you with different parenting challenges. You can one moment be filled with joy over your child’s growing independence and, in the next, terrified by the risks and challenges they face. The reason for worry is justifiable. Despite the fact that adolescents are healthier than at any other time of life, the rates of death and injury triple during this time period.

We are here because many of these can be prevented when parents have the tools necessary to help their adolescent resist temptations and dangers that can affect their health and safety, like alcohol and other drugs. We know it can at times seem our teens dismiss what we say and their peers have all of the power. However, you should know, research suggests strong parent-child relationships along with specific protective practices put in place at home decrease risk.

We hope the information on this site will assist you in guiding, directing and “coaching” your teen to make the best decisions surrounding alcohol, marijuana and other substance use. We know it is a challenge – even some of the best-skilled and most caring parents in the world have problems with their teens. But, taking steps now CAN help!