The Most Important Item on a Parents’ Prom Planning Checklist

If your home is like ours, Prom planning is underway. You want everything to be perfect from the ask to the last dance and, hopefully, After Prom. As you are crossing items off your list, please know the conversations you have with your teen prior to this event take on increasing importance.  This is why BN Parents has developed a Prom Planning Checklist for parents to work through.

Research suggests teens are more likely than adults to make poor decisions in the moment. This is largely due to where their brains are at developmentally and in part because they are often not prepared for situations they find themselves in. The key idea behind the checklist is to help your teen plan ahead. Our hope is that it opens the door to a two-way discussion where you can let your teen know what you expect of them and what they can expect of you, especially if they find themselves in a situation where alcohol and/or others drugs become available.

Because every family is unique, there is no one right way to have the conversation. The best approach to take is one that is true to you and supportive of your teen. Make it one your teen can walk away from and think, “My parents understand the challenges I face, trust that I can make positive decisions and will be there to support me or pick me up if I need them.”