Bloomington/Normal Community Campus Committee is determined to counter binge drinking through campus and community partnerships.

Convincing students not to binge drink isn’t easy, particularly when they're surrounded by social influences encouraging them to do just that; Cheap drink specials, easy access to alcohol, and glamorous, fun, sex-filled advertising imagery, and you have a very appealing message. Fortunately, we're learning that we can counter these influences through campus-community partnerships.

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Oct 17

Parenting Through the Teen Years – Understanding that Helps

Parenting is a challenge.  Each stage requires something different. As soon as you think you have this parenting gig down, the next stage comes along and you start to ask, “Am I doing this right?” Because there is so much change happening during the teen years, it can be particularly… [Read the Rest]

Sep 20


Five years ago we started working with children and adolescents in the community to identify individual strengths. We do this with an activity called the “Tree of Strength.” The activity involves placing a personal strength on a leaf and placing it on our tree. Reinforced is the idea that what… [Read the Rest]

Aug 15

School is Back in Session. Let the Transitions Begin.

Transitions are high risk times. They are filled with the excitement of newness but what they open the doors to can vary. As parents, it is an important time to stay connected with your teen and gauge how things are going. The support you provide during this time can encourage… [Read the Rest]