Bloomington/Normal Community Campus Committee is determined to counter binge drinking through campus and community partnerships.

Convincing students not to binge drink isn’t easy, particularly when they're surrounded by social influences encouraging them to do just that; Cheap drink specials, easy access to alcohol, and glamorous, fun, sex-filled advertising imagery, and you have a very appealing message. Fortunately, we're learning that we can counter these influences through campus-community partnerships.

Latest Newsletter
Oct 21

Why Do Smart Students Do Dumb Things?

It is hard to understand how a teen can use reason and logic to successfully solve complex problems and then turn around and make a terrible decision. That is why it helps to understand what is at work in a teen’s brain. According to Dr. Laurence Steinberg, teen thinking (cognition)… [Read the Rest]

Sep 20

Parents and Community to be Applauded for Efforts to Reduce Underage Drinking and Other Drug Use

BN Parents is moving into their fifth year of partnership with the schools and community to get support messaging to parents. The data suggests parents are not only responding, they are making a difference preventing youth substance use. Youth access to alcohol, marijuana, and some other substances have decreased along… [Read the Rest]

Mar 28

Prom 2016

Prom season is right around the corner in Bloomington-Normal, a night teens want to look back on and cherish for years to come. Parents in town want teens to have a safe and fun prom night and alcohol can get in the way of that. Talking to your teen about… [Read the Rest]