BN Parents Strengthens Partnership with Schools

BN Parents continues to strengthen partnerships with District 87, Unit 5 and Central Catholic High School. Since the beginning of the school year, these partnerships have allowed key access to high school parents, the population being targeted with messages addressing concerns related to underage drinking and encouraging parents to talk to their children about alcohol. […]

The Future of STEPS

We are pleased to announce the STEPS (Safety Training to Encourage Profitable Service) course will now be offered by Heartland Community College (HCC). This is excellent news for alcohol retailers, managers, servers, and restaurant or bar owners as it will ensure there is always a class available to meet your needs. To help kick off […]

Living Well Together

Living Well Together: A Guide for Students In Our Community The BNCCC is committed to the development of students as individuals and as members of the greater Bloomington-Normal community. To promote these ideas, the BNCCC created the Bloomington and Normal Community Standards for Social Hosts guide. It was created as a resource for students to codify the standards of Bloomington and Normal residents. […]

Underage Youth Assisting with Alcohol Law Compliance

Underage Youth Assisting with Alcohol Law Compliance The activity of selling to minors is one that happens in many communities and ours is not the exception. One of the most effective methods to reduce sales to minors is compliance checks. What is a Compliance Check? A compliance check is an enforcement based tool that is used to identify establishments that sell […]

Local Campaign Encourages Responsible Drinking

Local Campaign Encourages Responsible Drinking Recognizing the growing national, state and local trend in high risk or binge drinking (defined as five or more drinks in one sitting), the Bloomington Normal Community Campus Committee began implementing 0013 with the goal of decreasing alcohol related consequences in our communities. The FIRST AND SECOND ZEROS restate the law of zero underage alcohol use and zero […]